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It started with an inquiry from a client and friend on LinkedIn: “Does anyone know about launching an online store?” One phone call later, I offered to bring together some resources to help Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms, Inc., think about and develop his idea for a new web-based business….

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In today’s economy you take the bad with the good. And when it comes to press- you have to take it all! In one week’s time our company was featured by several media outlets. One story was positive. The other…well…keep reading!
The Grand Rapids Business Journal published an article about our …

Techy Tip: What to look for when buying HD

Searching for the perfect TV? Considering HD? Here are some things to consider:
1.) When you buy HDTV you need: an HDTV set and a way to receive the HD signal like an antenna, cable or satellite service.

2.) Remember plasma TVs don’t always have the capability to produce the full re…

Are you using your plasma screen effectively?

Plasma screens are everywhere now days… at home, the dentist’s office, the supermarket. But are we using this techy tool effectively? To its utmost potential?
This past year we have worked closely with an organization that, we think, takes full “advantage” of their plasma screens. Advantage …

February 2009

Recycle & Reuse Video

You’ve read them. Maybe you even write one… blogs. I have resisted the temptation to write one because I figure there are just too many of them. And, much of the content seems like blah, blah, blog.
But, I am giving in. Here is my first one and I promise to only write about things that I think w…

Techy Tip

You hear all the buzz, but what’s the big deal? Is HD really a must? Do those two little letters really make a difference?
HD stands for high definition. Let’s think about this… a TV image is made up of pixels (tiny dots). The more pixels you have, the better the picture. When you have HD, the…

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Marketing is tough especially in today’s economy. With budget cuts across the board, marketing/advertising departments are often a target. It may seem logical, but I am here to tell you different.
My advice… maintain or be brave and increase your marketing budget. It’s critical to your company…

Gildas Club Story

WGLD… it may not be your regular news station or even one you have heard of before but that’s because CK & CO created this imaginary news station for our very own Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. This year CK & CO produced the Gilda’s Club fundraising event. The theme: Gilda’s Red Tie Da…



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