Additional Video and Creative Services

When it comes to products and services, CK & CO has a full menu. And we will work with you from concept to successful completion of your project. Some of the most popular types of projects are training videos, video case studies, employee videos, and customer testimonial videos.

Video training has some definite advantages. Many individuals are visual learners and when you combine narrative with video, people can see and interpret information much faster. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is accurate according to the research. Video makes content come alive and engages viewers. Video training also ensures consistency, reduces errors, and is easily accessible on mobile devices.

A video case study is an opportunity to showcase your work in a real-world setting. You can demonstrate how you tackled a customer problem, worked to find a solution and present memorable results. Video case studies should feature your customer, but could also include representatives of your company. This approach is both educational and promotional.

Employee videos are critical for helping to improve business literacy. These can be produced as needed, but are much more effective when they are scheduled quarterly or even monthly. The topics can range from human resource information, like benefits and compensation, to customer features and more.

Customer testimonials are an effective way to establish your credibility. It’s always better to let someone else sing your praises. These videos are even more effective if the company being featured has a well-known name and the interviewee is video-friendly.

These are just a few of the additional services offered by CK & CO. In each case, we can provide assistance with the selection of interviewees, scripting, onsite logistics, videography, motion graphics, and post-production.

Whether it is a short interview with a customer or a highly produced case study, we can guide you through the process to get the results you need.