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A 360° View

Imagine if you could immerse yourself in an amazing location. Spin around and take it all in. Control your view. See what you want, when you want to see it. That’s what a 360° virtual tour does. It gives you a panoramic view.

Of course, if you are inside a tiny closet or bland room it might not do much for you. But there are places where this works well. One of them is the newly opened Holland Energy Park. The project is a modern and efficient power plant for the Holland Board of Public Works utility in Holland, Michigan.

The plant replaces an older coal-fired facility and employs Siemens advanced technology. Our team went to work to showcase that technology with a 360° view. You may be familiar with an off-the-shelf 360° camera. However, this high-resolution experience required special rigging and the stitching together of more than 100 images to create.

Here’s the link to check it out, but it’s even better if you have Google Cardboard.


Of course, video can be leveraged. The Holland Energy Park has its own kiosk version of the 360° experience. To see it, you can go to the visitor’s center. Want your own virtual tour? We’re ready to help.

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