International Training Videos

We create lots of training videos…but training in a different language is a whole different ballgame.
We’re in a global society, and many of our customers are international organizations. For Dematic, we’ve created a series of training videos for installers that are in English, German and also…

BizThinking Blog

After 23 years of owning a business, you learn a lot! CK has started a business blog to share some of the fun and interesting things she knows from a business perspective. It’s called BizThinking. Link It’s sort of like having your own personal business coach! The tips you’ll find on the site …

Think CK

You might have noticed that we talk a lot about “thinking.” In fact, when people ask what I do, the answer often surprises them. They expect me to talk about media production, video shoots or the move to high-definition. Some expect me to talk about presentation training or how to be interviewed b…

It started with an inquiry from a client and friend on LinkedIn: “Does anyone know about launching an online store?” One phone call later, I offered to bring together some resources to help Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms, Inc., think about and develop his idea for a new web-based business….



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