Meals on Wheels West Michigan

Telling a Great Story
In this case study, see how CK & CO worked together with Meals on Wheels
of Western Michigan to create video assets that helped the nonprofit raise awareness
and funds during the COVID-19 pandemic.


5 Hot Tips for Corporate Video

In case you haven’t been paying attention – video is hot. And I’m not just saying that because I own a media company. Each year, Cisco releases an annual internet report that includes predictions about the amount of video traffic generated. And each year video content consistently outpaces the…

Three Hot Marketing Trends

The lyrics to a famous song are, “To everything there is a season.” And while that’s true for most things – it isn’t the case for marketing…it’s ALWAYS in season! No matter what’s happening around the world, or within your business, marketing should be a consistent and well-planned effort. Need …

Virtual Events: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Virtual. Tired of the word? We are! But the reality is, virtual meetings and events are here for a while. We’ve produced a lot of them and wanted to share the good, the bad, and the ugly facts. 

Let’s start with the ugly. Many virtual events are downright boring. They are too l…

How to Be a Better Listener. Stop Talking, Start Listening.

In today’s post, we discuss some tips on how to be a better listener. Whether in a live or virtual setting, these tips will help you better absorb and process information presented to you.

Cynthia Kay’s tips for how to become a better listener:

Dial in on the speaker and tune everyt…

Before You Plan Your Holiday Meal Read This

This time of year can be stressful, even under “normal” circumstances. So this holiday, we’re taking a little off your plate…literally!

Whether you’re gathering with loved ones or staying home, we’ve put together a meal that is sure to delight.

Check out our “Three Recipes, Three Ingredients…

Let’s Think about Thought Leadership

Yes, it’s a buzzword. Thought Leadership…but if you do it well, it can have a big impact.  

A LinkedIn Edelman Survey shows “B2B decision-makers and CXOs say strong thought leadership content not only strengthens a company’s reputation but also positively impacts RFP invitations, wins…

Go Virtual for Your Next Event

Is your collection of event badges dwindling? Are you anxious to connect with others in your industry and share best practices, new innovations, or take a peek at the competition? Need to meet with customers?  

If you’re like us, invitations to virtual events are filling your inb…

What’s Missing? The Importance of Non-verbal Communication.

Communicating for many was tough before COVID and now it’s even harder.  Jump on a call and often people choose not to start their video. Why? Maybe they are having a bad hair day.  Maybe they are sharing their “office” with children or pets. They might be doing something else and don’t wa…

Return to Work…Safely.

In the coming weeks, offices and manufacturing floors around the U.S. open their doors, ready to move forward after the COVID-19 outbreak. Workers are anxious to create, innovate, and deliver their products and services.

The reopening of our economy comes with a lot of questions. “What do we ne…

The Magic of Post-Production

There is an old saying among video producers, “You can’t fix it in post.” And that’s true…to some degree, but if you have some good basic video and decent audio you might be amazed at what we can do in post-production.

It’s true, you might not be able to get the shots Steve can (There…

It’s Time to Get Creative with Your Communications

Many of us have been “out of the office” for a few weeks now, still grinding away to deliver for our customers. It’s easy to feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but don’t let the COVID doldrums get you down! Think creatively…with your communications, of course! There are so many ways …



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