Return to Work…Safely.

In the coming weeks, offices and manufacturing floors around the U.S. open their doors, ready to move forward after the COVID-19 outbreak. Workers are anxious to create, innovate, and deliver their products and services.

The reopening of our economy comes with a lot of questions. “What do we ne…

The Magic of Post-Production

There is an old saying among video producers, “You can’t fix it in post.” And that’s true…to some degree, but if you have some good basic video and decent audio you might be amazed at what we can do in post-production.

It’s true, you might not be able to get the shots Steve can (There…

It’s Time to Get Creative with Your Communications

Many of us have been “out of the office” for a few weeks now, still grinding away to deliver for our customers. It’s easy to feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but don’t let the COVID doldrums get you down! Think creatively…with your communications, of course! There are so many ways …

It’s Not How You Look…It’s How You Sound

Salons are closed…so are many dry cleaners…and, at this point, the thought of looking “presentable” exhausts many of us! Your solution can be found in our trusted friend – the audio conference!

We loved hearing from you after we covered the basics of video conferencing last week (we alway…

To Hug…or Not to Hug. The Answer Has Changed.

In April of 2019 I wrote about this topic. I confessed that I am a hugger and talked about how it influences my behavior in the workplace. I hug my staff, and even clients, of course with permission, because I don’t consider it a problem even in today’s politically correct world.

One year lat…

How to Present when not “Present”

Social distancing. Toilet paper shortages. Daily press conferences. Life has changed and so has work for many who now have a virtual office.  

An unprecedented increase in remote work – all made possible by clever collaboration technologies like Slack, WebEx, and SharePoint. In fact, WebEx…

The Dos (and Don’ts) of Trade Show Video


Think “Wow.”  Trade show floors are busy and there is a lot of competition for attention. What may work on a website or social media may not cut it. You need to create video presentations that have an impact. That can be a brand video, one that high…

The Takeaway They’ll be Talking About

With the emphasis on online marketing, you may wonder, “are trade shows are still important?” If the number of videos we’re creating for trade shows, expos, and events is any indication, we’d say an enthusiastic YES!  

Companies attend expos and shows for many reasons. The Center for Exhibition…

Beautiful Silence is a Big Corporate Video Trend

YouTube gets lots of attention when it comes to video content, but when it comes to other platforms, there are a few statistics we should not ignore. There are 100 million hours of video viewed each day on Facebook and 85% is watched with no sound.

That’s right – beautiful silence!

We can …

Motion Graphics Tips – How NOT to Use Them

In our last blog, we talked about using motion graphics to grab your target audience and make your message memorable.  We also described the many types of motion graphics. Graphics are an amazing way to spice up a video production, but if you don’t create just the right type of script to accompan…

How Using Motion Graphics Can Help Grow Your Business

Ever tried to explain a complex or abstract idea, process, or service?

Need to demonstrate or show something that doesn’t exist…or at least not yet?

Want to communicate a story, but can’t get video?

Motion graphics is a technique that brings your message to life in a creative, dynamic…

Happy Holidays!

Wherever this holiday takes you, we wish you a happy one!…



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