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Let’s Think about Thought Leadership

Yes, it’s a buzzword. Thought Leadership…but if you do it well, it can have a big impact.  

A LinkedIn Edelman Survey shows “B2B decision-makers and CXOs say strong thought leadership content not only strengthens a company’s reputation but also positively impacts RFP invitations, wins, pricing, and cross-selling that occurs post sale.” 

While whitepapers have traditionally been the primary vehicle for thought leadership, the corporate trend is moving away from print to video. This shouldn’t be too surprising – you’ve heard us say it one million times – video is more attention grabbing! It makes it easier to connect with your leader and see their passion for the content. It can help create conversations and the opportunity for many thought leaders to come together and have spirited exchanges. And, you can distribute video across multiple platformsSlice and dice it into short social media clips, make it a podcast, even pull a blog post from the content. It’s a video trend that saves you money while extending your reach. Of course, you’ll need a strategy to deploy the deliverables and it can’t be a one-off. It has to be an ongoing effort. 

Thought leadership is not just for B2B, it’s effective for many audiences, including non-profits. We recently produced an episode of Nourishing Narratives for Kids’ Food Basket. The episode, titled “Good Food is Medicine” features representatives from Metro Health-University of Michigan, Spectrum Health, and Hackley Community Care. The organization shares the series as an equity resource, an effort to further educate themselves and our community.  In addition to the full feature, we also created a podcast and several shorter social media shorts. Check them out below and read on to hear directly from Kids’ Food Basket.    


Bridget Clark Whitney, President and Founding CEO of Kids’ Food Basket, says, “For 18 years, Kids’ Food Basket has embodied diversity, equity and love, which has established us as thought leaders in community health, food equity and sustainability. Our vision for Nourishing Narratives is to inspire conversations that educate and move the needle of change as it relates to these critical issues. We all do not start from the same place. As trusted thought leaders, we continuously strive to help our community understand, communicate and advocate on how the barriers of poverty can affect a child’s life and the lives of our neighbors.”  

“Good Food is Medicine” reached almost 2,500 people and has had more than 66 engagements.

“Kids’ Food Basket exists to nourish the community and much of our critical work stems from serious inequities within our communities. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in new problems and novel complexities. To better educate ourselves and our supporters we have partnered with thought leaders within the community to host Nourishing Narratives,” said Kim Moore, Communications Director of Kids’ Food Basket. “We feel very fortunate to work with Cynthia Kay and her team to bring this important project to life. Their vision complements our work of holding the highest intention for every child we serve, which is achieved through conscious thought, diligent work and from the generosity of a community that cares.” 

Want to talk about how to make your thought leadership more effective? Connect with us. 

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