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Telling a Great Story

What do you do when your company name and identity no longer reflect what you do? You change your name and update your brand with a new look. But there is still work to be done. You need to communicate the changes to your existing customers and attract new ones once rebranding efforts are completed. Since 2018, CK and CO has been working with Marana Group, formerly Lake Michigan Mailers, to do just that.


The Client

Marana Group is a family-owned and managed business founded in 1977 by Bob and Karen Rhoa in the basement of their Saint Joseph, Michigan home.  The business provided customers with efficient mailing solutions that saved them money and allowed them to focus on their core business functions.  Today the company, led by David Rhoa, provides extensive data, document, and distribution solutions to customers around the world. These solutions are engineered for specific client needs. They invest heavily in technology and are recognized as experts in the marketplace.  Two of their solutions, HealthyScreen™ and HealthyVisitor™, are designed to help businesses comply with local, state, and federal regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic and are examples of how Marana Group is always innovating.

The Challenge

In the midst of a rebrand, the company needed to introduce and explain their new identity to help customers understand the transition. It is not unusual for customers to be concerned when suppliers rebrand or make significant changes.  They need to be reassured. At the same time, Marana Group knew many of its customers simply did not know about the depth, breadth, and complexity of their solutions. They were not taking advantage of services that could help them reach their business objectives. Additionally, it is challenging to explain how highly sophisticated technology and services work to audiences who may not have a technical background.

The Solution

CK and CO created a series of video assets in a variety of formats using the new company brand identity. To explain the transition, David Rhoa was front and center on-camera. He provided a snapshot of the company’s history, growth, dedicated team, and their approach to the future. And seeing the production floor humming gave viewers a window into the work and showcased technology.

“The brand introduction that CK and CO created for us really set the tone for the transition to the new name and logo. It presented a complex issue, many years in the making, into a brief, and easy to understand message that projected our quality, attention to detail, and our continuing dedication to our customers,” said Rhoa.

To address the challenge of understanding Marana Group’s various services, CK and CO used the “explainer” format. Explainer videos are used to educate and create compelling content in a short timeframe. By using icons and motion graphics – along with a fun, casual tone CK and CO created individual short videos Marana Group can leverage across platforms. And as the company has added new capabilities, new videos were added to their library of assets. Most recently CK and CO produced a video on their Personalized Solutions.

“The explainer videos CK and CO put together for us have really bridged the gap for our customers in terms of better understanding what we can do for them. When we send them to our customers and prospective customers in advance of our meeting with them, the tone of the conversation shifts from ‘Tell us what you can do for us.’, to ‘How quickly can we implement you solution?’ They have proven to be a real game changer when telling our story to both existing customers and prospective customers,” Rhoa explained.

While many companies rely on web and social media exclusively for marketing, Marana Group is taking an additional step, sending videos in a mailer. It’s a “clutter buster” because it stands out and gets noticed on a desk. And, unlike email, it won’t get deleted without a look.


The Result

Rhoa believes, “Someday, when I write a book on managing and growing and small, family-owned business, there is going to be at least one chapter on what it takes to change the company’s brand after 41 years.  A large portion of that chapter will be on the importance of telling your story with vibrant, cohesive images, and easy to understand messaging, just as we did with the video that CK and CO created for us.”

The Takeaway

Video is an important tool when organizations are in the process of change.  Face-to-face communication is always effective, but to scale up and reach more of your audience quickly and efficiently, video delivers results. The message is consistent. People can view it on-demand. And the assets can be updated easily and leveraged over time.  So, whether you are undergoing a rebranding, restructuring, or shift in culture, consider video to help you communicate internally and externally.

One last point. As you create video assets you should also develop a strategy for distribution that can include your website, social media, direct marketing, events, and other opportunities. Don’t let the videos “sit on the shelf” – use them!

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