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Mickey Matson

We can’t tell you how often people ask us whether we make movies. The answer is no! That’s because movie production and video production are very different. Sure we both use cameras, talent (actors), scripts… you get the idea. But, the process and techniques are very different.

But, CK & CO did help with a bit of movie magic for a newly released family film! 10 West Studios in Manistee premiered Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy at Celebration Cinema in Grand Rapids. We were on hand to capture all the excitement and produce the Red Carpet Premiere Video. That included interviewing the young star of the movie Derek Brandon from West Michigan, along with Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd. Not to mention, all those fun man-on-the-street reviews from movie-goers of all ages.

The film, shot primarily in Michigan, is approved for family viewing by the Dove Foundation. One review says… “This movie is a delightful journey into the imagination! When you have a story which has its roots in President Lincoln and the Civil War, a boy and a girl, bad guys, a quest for three elements which could cause great harm, and the wonderful Christopher Lloyd as Grandpa Jack, what’s not to like?”

Want to see how we made premiere night sparkle? Hollywood’s got nothing on us. Just watch.

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