Need a Playbook?

Employee events are critical when it comes to building connections, strengthening culture, and making sure everyone is aligned with company goals, but they can be a lot of effort for your internal team to execute – especially if event planning is not their forte. That’s where we come in! CK and CO has worked with Siemens to create “playbooks” – a digital or printable guide to help with planning, organizing, promoting, and executing an event. A playbook makes holding an event EASY, which is important when your team is busy with their regular day-to-day role. A playbook can include a step-by-step event rundown, a prep checklist, a catering guide, and more.

We’ve created playbooks for quarterly events that educate and celebrate employees. These events were held at multiple sites throughout the country, so the playbook helped ensure each went off without a hitch and in a consistent manner. We included creative and engaging activities based on the quarter’s theme (waffle bar, anyone?) along with videos to share with the team.

Siemens also sent out playbooks to help schools plan a parent’s night for their STEM learning program, Hour of Engineering. It walked teachers through parent’s night prep – from setting objectives and a budget, to a pre-event timetable, promotion, and A/V needs. We also provided guidance on how to arrange the room, organize volunteers, and a video to promote the event.

With a little planning and a trusted playbook companion, hosting an event can be fun and easy. Need to design and promote an employee event or series of events? Let the team at CK and CO think with you.