AVASURE Nurse Elevated Care

This animated video explains how AvaSure’s Nurse Elevated Care Model uses technology to support the bedside team in trying times for the industry.

Gala Systems

Imagine transforming a performing arts venue from traditional seating, to a dance floor or a concert theater in minutes, not hours.

Day in the Life

Cisco Technologies went “on the road” for a series of videos to feature customers in an upclose and personal way. Why are they passionate about technology?

Enlighted One

Today some buildings are “smart.” Others are not. This fun animated video shows how easy it is to upgrade to a smart building.

Siemens EV

To create a smarter tomorrow we need big changes today, and electric vehicles are part of that change.

Michigan CAT

The Big Dig. The CAT Global Challenge. CK and CO was there to capture all the excitement of two events on one big day.


Meet the people of USA Jet, a proven leader in the air cargo industry. Hear their stories as they invite others to come and join their team.

A Story to Remember

This excerpt from a mini-documentary about dementia features a woman so brave, so giving, so faithful she allowed us to follow her on a journey.

Marble Distilling

Maximizing productivity while improving sustainability. We are proud to have helped Marble Distillery tell their sustainability story.