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How Recruitment Videos Can Help You Land Talent

Recruiting in today’s business marketplace is a tough job…and it is getting tougher! Experienced employees are retiring in growing numbers. The digital revolution is changing the way we work. And, team members are getting more and more diverse as there are more generations working side by side than ever before. When it comes to attracting top talent, different generations respond to different efforts, but adding video to your recruitment toolkit will resonate with potential employees of any age.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out Monster’s 2019 State of the Candidate survey. It found that “94% of 18-24-year-old candidates—or Gen Z—agree that a video of a recruiter would help them better understand a job opportunity.” Here are a few ideas to help you create the best recruitment videos.

Be Specific about Purpose

Recruitment videos can be created for a certain job, department, or general hiring efforts. Each requires a different approach and content. Video for a specific job will have in-depth content and list requirements. A broader piece will keep information at a higher level and give a feel for the company’s brand and culture.

Know What and Who to Include

Imagine being able to hear about the job, company, or the culture firsthand from an executive or HR professional. Think about showcasing your work environment, facility, or the community your organization is located in. Consider highlighting current employees by sharing their experience working for the company, their career path, or promotions.

The best recruitment videos give potential employees the chance to truly feel what it’s like to work at your company, so they can feel comfortable and know what they’re getting into before the first interview.   If they’re interested, they engage further. If not, you save valuable time because they have self-selected out.

Expand the Use of Video

If created well, recruitment videos can also be used as advertising on social media outlets. Video shorts can be attention getters and link viewers to more in-depth content. Longer recruitment videos can be cut into shorter sections, leveraging the same content for a variety of audiences.

You can also interview potential candidates with video. There are many options – from SKYPE and Go to Meeting, to WebEx and more! With video, you get an idea of a candidate’s communication skills and personality without the inconvenience of travel. And, unlike a phone conference, you can see if they have good eye contact, are nervous, or relaxed. Finally, you can use video as part of the application process. Ask the potential employee to submit a short video detailing their interest in the job and how their qualifications fit the position.

Hagerty Insurance understands the benefits of effective communication in an organization and used recruitment video to do just that. They reached out to CK and CO to create video shorts of employees to amp up recruitment efforts for their call center. They also use video to explain the hiring process and ask job seekers to submit a video application to respond to openings.

Additional Benefits

There are many benefits to using recruitment videos. One positive effect is that they give you the opportunity to go global – reach a much broader audience and greater talent pool without increasing costs. And, as the use of mobile devices explodes, video is accessible anytime, anywhere. Cisco reports nearly 79% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2022.

At CK and CO, we work to make the process of creating the best recruitment videos simple. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we can help you think through the content to include, the ideal on-camera participants, or locations. Together, we’ll find the proper length of the communication and the best way to leverage recruitment videos for website and social media.

Want to find out more about recruitment videos and other corporate video production options? Call us and let us think with you.

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