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The Magic of Post-Production

There is an old saying among video producers, “You can’t fix it in post.” And that’s true…to some degree, but if you have some good basic video and decent audio you might be amazed at what we can do in post-production.

It’s true, you might not be able to get the shots Steve can (There’s a reason he does this for a living!), but you can improve your final product with a few things you may already have lying around the house.  Check out the video below for a few tips from Steve.

Once your video is captured, it’s ready for post-production! There’s actually a lot we can do in this stage to spiffy things up!

  • We can improve pacing by cutting out unnecessary video or flubs
  • Rearrange video flow to add interest
  • Color correct to remove blue or yellow hues from mixed lighting
  • Add stock video or existing footage to support your content
  • Audio adjustments
  • Set the mood with music or sound effects

If you know us (or more specifically, if you know John) you know we try and stay on top of the latest trends in our industry. This is especially true when it comes to motion graphics and there are a variety of ways they can be used to add a little flair. From liquid motion to kinetic typography and seamless transitions, we cover it all in the video below.

Post-production is a critical part of what we do at CK and CO. And, while we have the capability to manage projects from concept to completion, we also know you might just need us for post-production. So if you have a project you want to shoot yourself, let us coach you through that process. Then, send us the video. While the old saying is, “You can’t fix it in post”…well, sometimes we can.


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