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5 Corporate Video Content Ideas

There is no doubt about it. Video is an important part of every business communication and marketing strategy. Why? Because we are consuming it at a very high rate. According to Oberlo, whose parent company is Shopify, “91.8 % of internet users worldwide watch digital videos each week.” Combine that with the proliferation of devices, and your corporate video can be viewed anywhere, anytime. But you might wonder where you should concentrate your efforts as you create corporate video content? 

The best idea is to focus on areas most closely aligned with your business objectives. Do you need to build brand awareness? If growing market share for a product or service is critical, start there. If you need to recruit new employees, add that to the list. Want to change or reinforce corporate culture? You are not alone. 

Corporate video covers a broad range of business topics, from human resources to marketing, research to customer service. You need to determine the specific purpose of the video and the various audiences you want to reach. And while we often talk about targeting, most videos can be of interest to several audiences. 

Here are five corporate video ideas to get you thinking about videos you can produce.

  1. Behind the Scenes: Everyone loves to go behind the scenes and see how something is made. Create a video that shows how to manufacture or assemble your product. Give them an inside look at how your company works. Take them inside your test lab or research facility- of course you don’t want to give away any secrets, but a little peek gets lots of interest.
  2. My Company. My Story: Features on employees are a great way to promote them and the company. Have them share their story, why they joined the company and what continues to excite them about the work. Some of the best employee stories go unnoticed, are quiet, so dig deep to find them.   It’s also important to look across your organization to include stories from different departments and areas of work. Talk to the rookies — and the company veterans. Find diverse individuals who are working at various levels and functions, from the “plant floor” to the C-suite. These videos can be used with customers to build relationships, show the quality of your people and the effort they make for customers. They are also a great recruitment tool. 
  3. Customer Testimonials: This is one of our favorites. It is always more impactful to have someone else talk about your business and their experience. Look for well-known customers or those with interesting stories. It also helps if they are “camera-friendly.” These can be produced as a “talking head” interview or more polished with shots of the customer’s location layered over the interviews.
  4. Company Overviews: These are short videos that provide the big picture of what you do. They can highlight company values and culture. Do not try to tell the viewer everything. Do help them experience what makes your organization unique. Company overviews can be produced in a variety of ways- music video with graphics, narrative with b-roll or on-camera interviews.
  5. Educational or training videos: This is a broad area. Educational videos can be about a topic such as employee benefits or company values. They can also be more technical step-by-step training. Companies that offer access to videos that help teach things such as how to specify or install a product, program equipment, make repairs, or troubleshoot gain customer loyalty.

What makes a good corporate video?

When it comes to creating a good corporate video, there are certain elements that contribute to success. One important aspect to consider is the corporate video structure. The way you structure your video plays a vital role in capturing and retaining your viewers’ attention.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to carefully conceive your video concept. Think about the key message you want to convey and the overall purpose of the video. Whether it’s showcasing your products or services, sharing success stories, or highlighting your organization’s values, having a clear and well-defined objective will guide the entire production process.

Once you have your concept in place, the next step is to ensure that the video is well shot and edited. High-quality visuals and professional production values can significantly enhance the overall impact of your video. If you are going to do it yourself, invest in good equipment and keep it simple.

While it’s important to convey your message clearly, it’s equally crucial to make your video interesting and enjoyable to watch. Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition for viewers’ attention, so you want to captivate them from the start. Consider incorporating storytelling techniques to create a narrative arc that engages your audience emotionally. This could involve sharing compelling anecdotes, presenting real-life examples, or showcasing the impact your organization has made on individuals or communities.

A “good” corporate video is admittedly subjective, but some of our other favorites are video case studies, features about community involvement, and award videos. Whatever you choose to produce remember your corporate video reflects the organization. 

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Taylor Ling
Senior Graphic Designer at CK and CO | Website