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The Takeaway They’ll be Talking About

With the emphasis on online marketing, you may wonder, “are trade shows are still important?” If the number of videos we’re creating for trade shows, expos, and events is any indication, we’d say an enthusiastic YES!  

Companies attend expos and shows for many reasons. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research says 82% of trade show attendees have the authority to buy. They are at a show to do their research as the first step in the buying process Even in a digital world, people still crave connection – they want to see and touch a product and hear about it from a qualified representative in person.  

Of course, there’s also a lot of competition at these shows. Even when you make a great connection, your prospect may not remember everything that excited them about your product or service once they leave the show.  Your printed information gets stuffed in a goodie bag… and (dare we say it) may even get tossed as the pile gets bigger. Set your brand apart with a take-away that has value. There are many choices, but does anyone really need another cell phone accessory, reusable straw, or portable charger?  


What if you could send your message back home with the prospect Remind them about why they had interest? 

Video brochures are a great way to cut through the clutter. You can load them up with the same video you play in your booth or additional supporting videos – all packaged in an attractive pamphlet. Video brochures have been around for a while, but are not widespread in their use. The cost can vary depending on the size of the video screen and the quantity you need

If your prospect really loves the videos (why wouldn’t they?), they can play them for every business colleague, family, friends…even strangers they meet on the street (okay, that might be a bit much, but you get the idea). A video brochure is great for highly motivated leads at trade shows, but can also be used for targeting the C-Suite and other decision makers via mail. 

Check out the video below to learn more about this trendy takeaway.

Want to know more Let us think with you about presenting your company or product in a new way.  

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