Types of Business Video

At CK and CO we have been touting the benefits of video marketing for years. And while many were early adopters, others have taken a little longer to warm up to the idea. But, year after year the statistics demonstrate the value, and the trend is continuing. In fact, a Wistia 2024 State of Video Report, with insights from HubSpot and Hootsuite dug into more than 9 million videos and surveyed over 100,000 businesses and the research confirms what we have been saying for years. Video works when it comes to business marketing.

It should not be a surprise. Just think of how many devices we all have at our fingertips. Computers. Tablets. Cell phones, sometimes more than one! Not to mention all the digital displays in airports, business lobbies and other locations. Everywhere you look there is an opportunity for businesses to get noticed and market their products and service.

But what you create, and how you create it, makes a huge difference. So, let’s look at what viewers want to see and how to meet their expectations.

When it comes to video, knowledge is power. When most sit in front of the screen, they want to learn how to do something. In fact, one of the biggest takeaways from the Wistia report is that “Audiences want to learn how to use your product and gain industry expertise.”

What are common types of business videos?

There are a wide variety of videos that can be beneficial for a business including but not limited to.

  • Explainer videos
  • Webinars or live streams
  • Case studies or testimonials
  • Social media videos
  • Product videos
  • Brand videos
  • Behind the scenes
  • Training videos

Below, we go into detail about some of the most popular forms of video we assist customers with.

Educational Explainer Videos

Business marketing videos that use education or an explainer technique can be the perfect way to entice viewers. But remember, you are using video to show your expertise, not sell. There are different types of explainer videos. Some help explain a big concept or trend. For example, how does Bitcoin work? What is agile methodology? Why should you use a particular software program? What are the benefits of using a certain product, and how does it stack up against the competition?

Another technique is the step-by-step approach. Think of the famous “for dummies” videos. At CK and CO we have produced many videos for this famous brand, and they have the technique down to a science. We have also used this approach for countless others to show how easy a product is to assemble and use. Viewers want to know this in advance of making a purchase.

The format of explainer videos can vary. Everything from live-action video or an on-camera demonstration to 2D, 3D and motion graphics. There are advantages and disadvantages to each format so be sure to get some advice on what is best for your particular business. No matter the format, be sure that it is aligned with your brand standards. Many companies have standards for graphics but have not taken the step to further develop them for whiteboard videos or animations. If you plan to do animated explainer pieces regularly be sure to explore and develop a look and feel for this style.


We know what you are thinking- boring! Yes, but they don’t have to be. We learned a great deal during the pandemic about what works and what does not for online presentations. One of the advantages of this medium is that it is convenient for viewers and avoids the cost of travel to a live event. But content creators have learned that it is easy to “lose the audience” because there are so many distractions, and it is simply not as easy to retain attention when you are not in the room.

There are some things that can help. Specifically, you need to avoid the talking head trap. If the webinar is just a person on camera with a PowerPoint, you might be doomed. Let’s face it no one- even great presenters- is all that interesting for any length of time. The attention span of a virtual audience is about ten minutes. But don’t despair. There are some techniques that can make this a great marketing tool. To begin, you want to be sure to amp up the excitement with a great pre-produced video open. Think about short content-rich segments that can also be pre-produced and then sprinkled throughout the length of the webinar. Build-in activities for interaction. You can even send materials or other items out in advance.

If you have groups of people in different locations, make sure to have an onsite person or facilitator to give it that personal touch, answer questions and help with logistics.

Customer Testimonials or Case Studies

There is great power in letting others tell your story for you. One of the all-time favorite marketing tools of seasoned professionals is the customer testimonial. It is the best way to showcase how you work with others to solve their problems, meet their needs and delight them. It is way more impressive and believable to have your customer say how great you are- not to mention they are flattered because you are featuring their business in your marketing.

These testimonials can be as simple as asking a customer a few questions.

  • Give a snapshot of your business.
  • What challenge or need did you have?
  • How did our company help you?
  • What was the result?

Take the responses and edit out the good sections. Add a few graphics and post it. To take it to the next level, do a short video case study. This should include some additional content and video of the customer’s location, products, and services. Many companies will also include their spokesperson in the case study along with the customer’s point of view. At CK and CO we travel the country to tell these stories and they are by far one of the most effective marketing tools. Especially, when the story has camera-friendly interviews and compelling results.

Social Media Shorts

In a social media focused world, it is important to think about how you can use video on different social media platforms for your business.

One thing to consider when producing any type of business marketing video is taking the next step and leveraging the assets. If you have a webinar, can you lift some short content out and post it on social media sites? The same is true for case study interviews. Take a short interview comment and post it, then invite the viewers to watch the longer video.

You can also create stand-alone video shorts. I sometimes refer to as “edvertainment.” This is a mix of education and entertainment. It can be fun facts about your products or services. The top ten reasons to do business with your company. Maybe a pop quiz. Make it fun and people will want to connect.

Tips for Business Marketing Videos

Like any communication, a business marketing video can only be effective if you have a clearly defined goal. If your goal is general awareness of your company the video will be boarder in scope and more inspirational. If you are trying to generate leads and drive sales, the video must address the “pain” or need of the viewer. If you are trying to educate, it must be content-rich.

There is a great deal of discussion about the perfect length of a business marketing video. While some have strict ideas about the maximum amount of time for different outlets we take a different approach. It really depends on the depth of the content and how engaging the video is for the audience. If the video is boring and not visually appealing even one minute can feel like an eternity. If it is content-rich and has great interviews and exciting visuals or graphics – the viewer will watch longer.

The sweet spot is generally under three minutes for most videos but can go up to thirty minutes for truly complex presentations. Here it is best to err on the side of too short rather than too long. If you have a great deal of content, consider making a series of videos rather than one long video. You might want to create an overarching theme or title the series.

There are a variety of different platforms to distribute marketing videos, but most companies choose their own websites as the primary vehicle. One “pro tip” from the Wistia Study is to showcase “your videos in video galleries on your site, you’ll get to level up your audience’s viewing experience and give your video pages a better chance of climbing up in search results—without doing any coding or SEO work. “

Finally, it is a good idea to use subtitles or captions. Some of our clients have made this a requirement for any and all videos because it further engages the audience and helps recall critical messages.

Do it Yourself or Hire it Out

At CK and CO we believe there is room for both. Surprised? Don’t be. We know that there are some individuals who can take on simple projects. However, many do-it-yourselfers get into trouble because they take on projects that are too complex. Unlike internal videos, there is greater scrutiny of marketing communications. It is your reputation that is at stake and putting something out for public consumption that is not of the highest quality puts you at risk. So, think carefully before releasing anything. Once it is online it is difficult to go back.


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