How Motion Graphics Services Make Videos More Powerful

Motion Graphics: Typography


Words can be visually powerful when they are used in motion graphics projects.

So, why consider motion graphics for your next video production?

Motion Graphics Make an Impact

Typography gives your video production a clean, modern look. Think of big brand campaigns like Nike or Apple. Words elicit feelings, and when you add motion to them, you amplify the message. Big, bold type can be used to attract attention. Smaller type can draw the viewer in. The type or font you use also visually signals your brand message. Is your organization formal, playful, progressive? Motion graphics should always be consistent with your brand to have the most impact. As a video and motion graphics company, one of the most common mistakes we see people make is straying from their brand to try to be more interesting. The “brand police” will love the fact that we believe in carrying all the graphic guidelines into motion graphics.

Kinetic Typography Adds Visual Appeal

Your first question is probably, “What is kinetic typography?”

Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of animating text in a visually engaging way to convey meaning or evoke emotions. It is a form of motion design that combines typography, animation, and audio to create dynamic and expressive text-based visuals.

In kinetic typography, text elements are manipulated and animated to create movement, transforming static words into dynamic and interactive visuals. The animation can involve various effects such as scaling, rotating, fading, sliding, and even 3D transformations, depending on the desired creative outcome.

Motion Graphics Make Complicated Ideas Simple

When you need to explain a complicated idea, process or program, motion graphics typography is the perfect choice. Think about an explainer video where the viewer needs to digest a lot of content. By animating the text you can time the release of the information so that the viewer can absorb the content. You can make words “grow” or “shrink” to emphasize the importance of something like a budget line item or the use of data.  Kinetic typography adds an additional element of interest using unusual shapes and angles to make words even more eye-catching.

Another good use of motion graphics is to call out key ideas and concepts. Emphasizing key words to solidify ideas for visual learners is a great use for motion graphics. Paraphrasing is important. Don’t write out entire sentences or you will lose the impact.

Sometimes you need to convey information and don’t have anything to support it visually. No video. No photography. Let’s face it- no one wants to stare at a talking head for any length of time. With motion graphics you can get creative and add interest to the topic. 

Motion Graphics are Easily Updated

Motion graphic videos can provide flexibility and are adaptable. For example, if content changes you can revise or update the graphics. If your brand colors change, it is simple to bring an old project into the new look.  It is not a hard asset, like the paint in your house- you can change it whenever you want.

Motion Graphics are Affordable

Compared to other types of animation, motion graphics are without question more affordable. They are much less labor intensive than 3D or stop motion animation. To begin you are using a typeface or font that exists. There are pre-made templates that can be applied, saved and manipulated. They can also be reused from project to project.

Not every project is suited to motion graphics using typography. Projects like explainer videos, training videos, or interesting presentations that rely on statistics are great applications for motion graphics.

At CK and CO our motion graphics services can help bring your next video project to life. If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from the adaptability and flexibility of motion graphics and kinetic typography, contact our team at (616) 776-0354 or fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help with your next motion graphics project.