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Go Virtual for Your Next Event

Is your collection of event badges dwindling? Are you anxious to connect with others in your industry and share best practices, new innovations, or take a peek at the competitionNeed to meet with customers?  

If you’re like us, invitations to virtual events are filling your inbox. Unfortunately, too many of them are, well…boring! Staying connected is critical right now, but when your event consists of talking heads, these opportunities fall short. If they’re done well, virtual events offer a solid block of focused time, away from other distractions, to network and build business. You may even attract those who, in normal circumstances, can’t take time away from their business to attend a trade show or other event.  And, here’s a little secret for you, virtual events can be less expensive than in-person ones 

We’ve pulled out all the stops during the pandemic to help create events that pack a punch. These are just a few examples of the virtual events we’ve helped with: 

  • Cisco: We created a short video promotion that invited viewers to join a knowledge sharing group at Cisco. The video played in between live streamed presentations.  
  • Siemens Digital EnterprisVirtual SummitThis global event for the food and beverage industry walked viewers through Siemens Digital Enterprise. CK and CO helped create several virtual breakout sessions at Siemens Innovation Lab in Chicago. We also used our Virtual Studio to capture interviews with experts from around the world.
  • Catholic Central High School: Fundraising events can be a tough one to tackle in a virtual setting – so you have to really think outside of the box to make them come alive. For Catholic Central, we created social media shorts to drive attendance to their virtual auction. The live event featured videos of students and staff who benefit from funds raised, and the video assets are being leveraged beyond the event! The result? They exceeded their goal of $150,000 by $18,000!
  • Michigan Celebrates Small Business: A series of videos to honor the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch. Previous live events typically had 750 to 825 registered guests. The virtual event drew 865 registrants.  

While many patiently wait to gather again, perhaps it’s time to kick up your feet and go virtual. Not sure where to start? Give us a call! We can help you develop your next virtual event. Trust us…it won’t be boring! 

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